1 Introduction to the Window Tool Kit

1.3 Restoring windows in a saved image

If the Window Tool Kit has been initialized and the functiondisksave is invoked, the window environment is temporarily suspended. Oncedisksave has saved the Lisp image on disk, the windows on the running Lisp image are restored automatically to the state they were in before they were saved.

To restore the state of the windows in the newly saved image, you can call eithered orinitialize-windows with no arguments. The result of the call depends on whether you were using the Editor or the Window Tool Kit before invoking disksave.

Calling the ed function puts you back into the Editor and restores all previous Editor buffers. Do not useinitialize-windows to restore windows if you initialized the Window Tool Kit withed before you calleddisksave.

The Window Tool Kit - 9 SEP 1996

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