1.1 Basic elements and data structures

1.1.8 Pop-up menus

A pop-up menu is a viewport that appears temporarily on the screen to present a set of options. To select an option in a pop-up menu, place the mouse cursor on the option name you want and click the right mouse button. The menu disappears and returns the selected option name. You can use this returned value to invoke other functions.

The appearance of pop-up menus is defined by the Window Tool Kit. To make a pop-up menu, you only need to specify a list of menu options. The Window Tool Kit automatically displays the options in pop-up menu form when the appropriate function is called. Experienced Lisp users can change the appearance of user-specified pop-up menus as desired. Chapter 5, "Pop-Up Menus" presents information about customizing a pop-up menu.

The Window Tool Kit - 9 SEP 1996

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