1.3 Hardware and software requirements

1.3.1 Disk space requirements

For most platforms, the files in the Liquid Common Lisp distribution occupy about 60 MB. For any platform, documentation occupies about 30 MB of the total.

The files in the CLIM 2.0 distribution occupy an additional 10 MB, of which about 2 MB consist of documentation.

The files are distributed in UNIXtar format. Depending on how you receive the distribution, you might need more disk space during installation. For example, if you receive the distribution by FTP, you will need space for thetar files themselves and additional space for the files you extract from thetar archives. If you receive the distribution by CD-ROM, you can extract the files directly from the CD-ROM. For more information about installing the release, see Chapter 2.

You will need additional disk space if you intend to save customized Lisp images. For information on saving custom images, see Section 3.1.

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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