5.1 Changes in this release

5.1.4 Changes to packages

Along with the change in product name from Lucid Common Lisp to Liquid Common Lisp, the substring"LUCID" in package names has been changed to"LIQUID". Note, in particular, that the package formerly named"LUCID-COMMON-LISP" is now named"LIQUID-COMMON-LISP"; its nickname remains"LCL". The package formerly named"LUCID" is now named"LIQUID". However, the former package names (mentioningLUCID are retained as nicknames in order to provide some backward compatibility for this release.

As part of the integration of LispWorks features in this release, the"LISPWORKS" package (nickname"LW") is now available. This package exports symbols associated with LispWorks features. Several interfaces have been changed to incorporate the"LISPWORKS" package:

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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