4 Getting Started with CLIM 2.0

4.4 Running the CLIM demos

The easiest way to run the CLIM demos is to type:

CL-USER 1 > (clim-demo:start-demo) 

in a listener window. This creates a new window, containing a menu listing all the demos. Click on the demo you want to see.

You can also call demos individually using the Lisp forms in Table 4.2.

Invocations for CLIM 2.0 demos
Bicycle gearing(clim-user::do-bicycle-gearing)
Custom output records(clim-user::do-scigraph)
Ico demo(clim-demo::do-ico)
Bitmap editor(clim-demo::do-bitmap-editor)
Graphics editor(clim-graphics-editor::do-graphics-editor)
Color chooser(clim-demo::do-color-chooser)
Plotting demo(clim-demo::do-plot-demo)
Address book(clim-demo::do-address-book)
15 puzzle(clim-demo::do-puzzle)
Flight planner(clim-demo::do-flight-planner)
CAD demo(clim-demo::do-cad-demo)
Graphics demos(clim-demo::do-graphics-demo)
Lisp listener(clim-demo::do-lisp-listener)

The demo sources are distributed with CLIM 2.0. The file
lcl/5-0/clim2/demo/demo-driver.lisp contains the definition ofstart-demo.

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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