3.1 Configuring Liquid Common Lisp software

3.1.5 Saving a configured image

Before saving a configured image, you may want to change the initial package of the image. You can usein-package to do so. The following form ensures that when the saved image starts, the initial package iscommon-lisp-user (nicknamecl-user):

(in-package "CL-USER")

Use thedisksave function to save a configured Liquid Common Lisp image. The function has one required argument, the pathname of the image file to be created. It has a number of keyword arguments as well. If you want to start the Liquid Common Lisp GUI and tools automatically when the saved image is started, specifyenv:start-environment as the value of the:restart-function argument todisksave; see Section 3.2.

Before saving an image, you can call the functionset-disksave-parameters to set default values for some keyword arguments todisksave. For full documentation ofdisksave andset-disksave-parameters, see The Advanced User's Guide.

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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