3.1 Configuring Liquid Common Lisp software

3.1.4 Linking with X and Motif libraries

The Liquid Common Lisp GUI uses the CAPI and its interface to Motif. However, the images in the distribution are not linked with X Window System or Motif libraries, and those libraries are not included in the Liquid Common Lisp distribution. You must configure your images appropriately for the versions of these libraries that are available on your platforms. You can use either static or shared versions of the libraries.

The functioncapi:ensure-motif-libraries determines whether the image has been linked with the appropriate X and Motif libraries and, if not, links the image with them. This function is called automatically when you start the Liquid Common Lisp environment usingenv:start-environment and the value of the:library argument is:motif. For information on starting the Liquid Common Lisp environment, see Section 3.2.

You can also callcapi:ensure-motif-libraries explicitly to link with X and Motif libraries before saving a custom image. This function uses the variablecapi:*motif-libraries* to determine which libraries to use. You can examine this variable and, if necessary, change its value before callingcapi:ensure-motif-libraries. For example, by setting the value ofcapi:*motif-libraries*, you can specify whether to link with static or shared libraries.

Note: The default value ofcapi:*motif-libraries* depends on the platform and operating system. If you need to use some other value, please inform Harlequin Support; see Section 6.1.

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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