2 Installation

2.5 Using the online documentation

The Liquid Common Lisp distribution contains 13 documents in HTML format (14 if you install CLIM, see Section 4.3 for details). Each document is in its own subdirectory ofmanual/online/web.

The HTML files are intended for viewing in a browser that can display HTML source. Liquid Common Lisp assumes that this browser is Netscape, and looks for an executable namednetscape in/usr/local/bin/. If Liquid Common Lisp does not find Netscape, it looks for Mosaic in the same location. Some of the documents contain tables, so you may wish to use a browser that supports tables. You can use the filemanual/online/intro.html as an entry point into the documentation, or open individual documents directly.

To view a document, open the document's top-level HTML file in the browser. From the top-level file you can navigate to all other parts of the document. The top-level files all end in-1.html or a similar suffix, for example, the top-level file for the release notes isrelnotes-1.html. Each document also contains an index file named document_name-index.html.

Note: If you move or rename these files, the Help > Manuals command will not work properly. This is part of the Common-LispWorks environment tools.

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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