6 Harlequin Support

6.1 How to reach Harlequin Support

You can contact Harlequin Support as described in Table 6.1.

How to reach Harlequin Support
Telephone, U.S. East Coast+1 617 374 2433, East Coast
Telephone, U.S. West Coast+1 415 833 4150, West Coast
Telephone, Europe+44 (0)1625 58 8040
Facsimile, Europe+44 (0)1625 58 8049
Facsimile, U.S. East Coast+1 617 252 6505
Facsimile, U.S. West Coast+1 415 833 4111

Please contact Harlequin Support in the following circumstances:

We prefer communication by electronic mail, particularly when you submit bug reports.

If you encounter a problem, a bug report with a full backtrace and small testcase (if possible) is always appreciated.

If you are within the environment and wish to submit a bug report, you can choose the Report Bug menu item from a tool in the environment, or use the editor command Meta-x Report Bug. Both these commands generate a bug-report template you can fill in and send to us.

If you are not running the environment, you can use the:bug-form command in the tty debugger to generate a bug report. See Section 5.1.13 on page 40

In the Liquid Common Lisp debugger, the:bb command generates a backtrace suitable for submission in a bug report.

Liquid Common Lisp 5.0 Release and Installation Notes - 9 JUN 1997

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