The Loop Facility

A Alphabetical Listing of Loop Constructs

This appendix is an alphabetical listing of all loop constructs described in this guide.

always expr

append |appending expr [into var]

collect|collecting expr [into var]

count|counting expr [into var] [type-spec]

define-loop-macro loop-macro-synonym Macro

define-loop-method method-name-or-names Macro
&rest method-specific-data

defloop method-name-or-names Macro
&optional sequence-type element-type

do|doing [expr]*

finally [expr]*

{for|as} var [type-spec]= expr1 [then expr2]

{for|as} var [type-spec]being expression
andits loop-method-name

{for|as} var [type-spec]being {each|the} loop-method-name
[preposition expression]*

{for|as} var [type-spec]being {each|the} loop-method-name
[preposition expression]+

{for|as} var [type-spec]being {each|the} loop-method-name
using [(index var)] [(sequence var)]

{for|as} var [type-spec]first expr1then expr2

{for|as} var [type-spec] [{from|downfrom|upfrom} expr1]
[{to|downto|upto|below|above} expr2]
[by expr3]

{for|as} var [type-spec]in expr1 [by step-fun]

{for|as} var [type-spec]on expr1 [by step-fun]

get-loop-method name Function

initially [expr]*

loop-finish Macro

loop:named-variable name Function

maximize|maximizing expr [into var] [type-spec]

minimize|minimizing expr [into var] [type-spec]

named name

nconc|nconcing expr [into var]

never expr

nodeclare var-list

repeat expr

return expr

sum|summing expr [into var] [type-spec]

thereis expr

unless expr clause1 [and clause]*
[else clause2 [and clause]*]

until expr

{when|if} expr clause1 [and clause]*
[else clause2 [and clause]*]

while expr

with var1 [type-spec] [= expr1]
[and var2 [type-spec] [= expr2]]*

with variable-list1 [type-spec-list]
[and variable-list2 [type-spec-list]]*

The Loop Facility - 9 SEP 1996

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