2 Loop Constructs

2.9 Advanced iteration

You can extend the iteration capabilities of thefor andas constructs in the Loop Facility by using the following loop keywords:


These keywords allow you to iterate over sequences. A sequence is an ordered set of elements. Common Lisp has asequence data type that includes both lists and vectors, or one-dimensional arrays; since strings are specialized vectors of characters, they are also of typesequence. In the Loop Facility, you can use these keywords to iterate over elements of thesequence data type, as well as over the elements, keys, and values of a hash table and the symbols in a package. It is also possible to control the range of indices into the sequences with the prepositions introduced in "Syntax 1" of the iteration control constructfor|as.

2.9.1 - Advanced iteration methods
2.9.2 - Using an index with sequence iteration

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