1 Introduction

1.3 Notational conventions and syntax

In the text of this guide, everything that would be typed at the keyboard or that would appear on the terminal screen appears in afixed-width font with this exception: an argument or parameter is shown in italics, indicating that it serves as a placeholder for a real argument value that you are to supply.

Normal text is set in a roman font.

Terms that are being defined for the first time appear in italic font; all of these terms appear in the glossary.

The documentation of the functions, macros, and variables presented in this guide follows certain grammatical rules and patterns; that is, it uses a standard syntax. This syntax is described in the following sections.

1.3.1 - Functions and generic functions
1.3.2 - Macros and special forms
1.3.3 - Global variables and constants
1.3.4 - Examples and code

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