7 The Listener

7.12 Further tools

At this stage you should be able to use the listener to have simple Common Lisp programming sessions. The real power of the environment, however, lies in its range of window-based tools to assist you in the development of your code. These are the subject of further chapters in this manual.

The next two chapters describe elements of the environment which are common to all tools.

Other chapters in this manual describe the other tools available in the environment. Each chapter is intended to be reasonably independent of the others, so you can look at them in any order you wish. You are advised to study the chapters on the basic tools, such as the inspector, the class browser and the editor first, since a knowledge of these tools is vital if you want to get the best out of the environment.

Common LispWorks User Guide, Liquid Common Lisp Version 5.0 - 18 OCT 1996

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