6 The Podium Window

6.2 Description of the podium window

When you start the environment, a window known as the podium window appears.

Figure 6.1 Podium window

The podium contains a menu bar, together with an echo area. Other tools, such as the listener and editor, have their own echo areas as well.

The echo area is mainly used to print messages of interest, and to prompt you for more information (such as the name of a file you want to edit). If at any time you want to cancel a prompt in an echo area, pressCtrl-G. If you are familiar with EMACS, notice that the echo area works in a very similar way to the EMACS minibuffer window.

The menu bar contains five menus: the Works, File and Help menus are found in nearly every window in the environment, and the Tools and Windows menus are replicas of submenus found in the Works menu. For a complete description of all these menus, see Chapter 3, "Common Features".

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