14.2 Creating an interface layout

14.2.6 Inheriting parts of the layout

If you are designing an interface which uses different layouts to produce a number of views, you may want different views to share some elements; for instance, the same list panel, or even a whole layout, can appear in several different views. This is done by creating separate objects of the same type, and then altering the attributes of one so that they match the attributes of the one which you want to inherit.

For instance, to inherit a display pane calledDISPLAY-PANE-1:

1. Ensure thatDISPLAY-PANE-1 has already been created in the interface.

2. Select the layout that you want the inherited display pane to appear in.

3. Create a new display pane by selecting the correct item in the Panes area and pressing Return.

4. Change the attributes of the new display pane so that they match the attributes ofDISPLAY-PANE-1.

The fact that two layouts now contain the same display pane is reflected in the graph. For details on how to change the attributes of an object, see Section 14.5.4.

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