13.1 Examining information about methods

13.1.1 Function area

The Function area shows the name of the generic function. To browse a generic function, type its name into the Function area, or paste it in from another tool in one of two ways:

When typing in the name of a function, note that you can press the Tab key to complete the name of the function, or display a list of possible completions from which you can select the function you want to browse.

Note: You can use Edit > Paste to paste in a generic function, even if the Common LispWorks clipboard currently contains the string representation of the function, rather than the function itself. This lets you copy in generic functions from other applications, as well as from the environment. See Section 3.4.2 on page 37 for a complete description of the way the Common LispWorks clipboard operates, and how it interacts with the UNIX clipboard.

The current generic function can be operated on using the commands available in the Function menu. See Section 13.1.5 on page 175 for details.

Common LispWorks User Guide, Liquid Common Lisp Version 5.0 - 18 OCT 1996

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