8.7 Getting started with the editor

8.7.3 Inserting and deleting text

The editor provides a sophisticated range of commands for cutting text which are described in Section 8.10 on page 100. However, the two basic commands for deleting text which you should remember are as follows:

You can insert text into a buffer by typing characters, or by pasting (see Section 8.10 on page 100).

To insert the contents of one file into another, choose File > Insert. A dialog appears so that you can choose a file to insert, and this is then inserted into the current buffer, starting from the current position of the cursor.

By default, when inserting text into a buffer, any characters to the right of the cursor are moved further to the right. If you wish to write over these characters, rather than preserve them, press the Insert key. To return to the default behavior again, just press the Insert key once more.

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