4.2 Running UNIX programs from Lisp

4.2.1 Keyword options

You can specify a number of keyword options torun-program. The:input,:output, and:error-output keyword options determine the standard input stream, standard output stream, and error output stream of the program respectively.

This keyword argument specifies where error output from the program is sent. Its possible values and their meanings are the same as those of the:output keyword argument, with the following exceptions:

This keyword argument determines whether Lisp waits for the program to complete.

This keyword argument must be a list of strings that are the normal Shell arguments to the program.

The:if-input-does-not-exist,:if-output-exists, and:if-error-output-exists keyword arguments are significant only if the value of:input,:output, or:error-output is a filename. The default value of each of the three arguments is:error.

This keyword argument can have one of the following values:

These keyword arguments can have one of the following values:

The value:supersede is supported for the purposes of backward compatibility.

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