3.7 CLOS optimizations

3.7.5 Optimizing for demo programs

Most of the previously-mentioned optimization techniques depend upon a lazy cache approach, in which a cache fills up with the required optimized techniques as the program runs. However, a user occasionally may want to show off his demo program without having to wait an unbounded length of time during the first run while these caches are filling up. The purpose of the function call(precompile-generic-functions) is to assure that any and all caches that could be encountered by the current state of class and method definitions will be fully loaded up. Of course, subsequent alterations to the class hierarchy or method set will invalidate some or all of these caches, but it is convenient to prepare this in advance of a typical application run, so that the first use does not appear to be grossly slower than subsequent usages.

The Advanced User's Guide - 9 SEP 1996

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