3.2 Making declarations

3.2.9 ARGLIST declarations

Anarglist declaration explicitly specifies the lambda list that is returned by a call to the functionarglist. Anarglist declaration allows you to specify a descriptive lambda list that is helpful to a user. Thearglist declaration has the following form:

(declare (arglist declared-arguments))
If a function or macro definition does not contain anarglist declaration, the functionarglist returns the lambda list used in the original source code, as shown in the following example:

> (defun multiply (x y)
    (* x y))

> (arglist 'multiply) (X Y)

> (defun new-multiply (x y) (declare (arglist factor1 factor2)) (* x y)) NEW-MULTIPLY

> (arglist 'new-multiply) (FACTOR1 FACTOR2)

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