2 Customizing the Lisp Environment

2.8 Operating system monitoring tools

In addition to the memory management settings available in a running Lisp program, you can use tools provided by UNIX for monitoring swap space. Some of these tools and their use are shown in Table 2.1.

Operating system monitoring tools
FunctionPlatformUNIX Command
swap space required by an applicationallsize
detailed information on the host machine's swap areaSGIswap -l
 all otherspstat -a
information on a running processSGIps -l
 all othersps -u orps -v

For complete descriptions of these commands, use the UNIX functionman with the command as an argument.

The amount of swap space required by multiple invocations of the same Lisp image is not simply the sum of the swap spaces required by the individual Lisp processes. Multiple Lisp processes share one copy of the text segment in memory and thus use a reduced amount of swap space.

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