2 Customizing the Lisp Environment

2.6 Setting memory expansion parameters

The function change-memory-management allows you to change the parameters that control memory expansion. The settings that you choose depend on the amount of memory available on the machine that is running Lisp and the number and size of other processes running on the machine. To get the best performance while keeping a reasonable image size, you can adjust the following parameters::growth-limit,:reclamation-ratio, :growth-rate, and:expand.

If you are running a specific application whose storage requirements are well understood, you could set up your environment by using the following guidelines.

If you are just beginning application development and you want to control the flexibility and the responsiveness of the system, consider these options:

If you do not know the storage requirements of your application, use the default values forchange-memory-management that are provided with Liquid Common Lisp. These values are in a middle range and can accommodate the average user and application. See Chapter 5, "Storage Management in Common Lisp" in The User's Guide for more information.

The Advanced User's Guide - 9 SEP 1996

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