7.6 Hash table extensions

7.6.1 Additional keyword argument for make-hash-table

In addition to the testseq,eql, andequal, Liquid Common Lisp admitsequalp as a value for the:test keyword argument to the Common Lisp functionmake-hash-table. Tables made with this argument use the Common Lisp predicateequalp when comparing keys. This extension allows you to identify two different arrays or two differentdefstruct instances that are structurally isomorphic but that would not beequal under the Common Lisp definition of that predicate.

Case is ignored in string comparisons; that is,"AbC" isequalp to"ABC". Representation is ignored in numerical comparisons; that is, 1.5 isequalp to 3/2.

The Advanced User's Guide - 9 SEP 1996

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