7.4 Floating-point numbers

7.4.1 Floating-point error conditions

You can use the following constructs to detect floating-point errors in arithmetic operations:


The functionenabled-floating-point-traps returns a list of the floating-point conditions that are currently operative for trapping floating-point errors. The constantsupported-floating-point-conditions defines the hardware-supported error-trapping conditions for floating-point operations. In general, these conditions operate under the same mechanism as conditions described in the chapter "Conditions" in CLtL2. However, note that these conditions cause traps in the hardware; any floating-point conditions that you define with the macrodefine-condition are ignored byenabled-floating-point-traps. The macrowith-floating-point-traps enables certain conditions and disables others during the execution of its body.

The Advanced User's Guide - 9 SEP 1996

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