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*all-symbols-exclusions* Variable


The variable*all-symbols-exclusions* contains a list of packages that are excluded from Common Lisp package operations that search all packages:do-all-symbols,find-all-symbols, andapropos.

You can use the Common Lisp special formsetq to modify the value of this variable.

*default-make-package-use-list* Variable


The variable*default-make-package-use-list* contains a list of packages whose external symbols are inherited by new packages created with the Common Lisp functionmake-package.

Initially, the list consists of thelisp package and theliquid-common-lisp package.

do-present-symbols Macro

Syntax:do-present-symbols (var [package [result-form]]) {declaration}* {tag | statement}*

The macrodo-present-symbols iterates over all of the present symbols of a specified package.

For each symbol in the set, the variable var is bound to the symbol, and the statements in the body are executed. When all such symbols have been processed, the result-form argument is evaluated and is returned as the value of the macro. If the result-form argument is not specified, the macro returnsnil.

If execution of any statement in the body affects which symbols are present in the package, the results are unpredictable.

The package argument can be either a package, a string, or a symbol. If a symbol is given, its print name is used. If the package argument is not specified, the current package is used.

The declaration arguments specify declarations that are made with the Common Lisp special formdeclare.

See Also:do-symbols,do-all-symbols,do-external-symbols (in CLtL2)

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