7.3 Packages

7.3.2 Changes to make-package

The:use keyword argument to the Common Lisp functionmake-package specifies a list of packages whose external symbols are inherited by the package being made. If you do not supply this argument, the list contained in the variable*default-make-package-use-list* is used. Initially, this variable contains thelisp package and theliquid-common-lisp package.

The:size keyword argument is an extension tomake-package that specifies the initial size of the package in terms of the possible number of entries. Since packages are implemented by using hash tables, the integer argument that you specify is taken as a lower bound as with the:size keyword argument tomake-hash-table. Actual package table sizes are rounded up to a prime number. See Section 7.6 on page 316 for more information.

The Advanced User's Guide - 9 SEP 1996

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